Top 10 Android APPS That Will Blow Your Mind July 2021

Top 10 Android APPS

oh my goodness i hope you guys are ready because i am about to blow your mind with Top 10 Android Apps you can download and try right now like take a look at this this app is probably one of the most
amazing apps i have ever discovered and what you’re gonna do is head on over to the play store and search for

Top 10 Android Apps-#1 Fluid simulation

This is what the app icon Top 10 Android Apps looks like and should be the first option that appears once you’ve searched for it most of these apps i’m going to show you are available on both the app store and play store so for all my iphone and android users i’ve got you covered so once you’ve installed the app head on
over to the home screen open it up and prepare yourself guys for this boom this application has got to be one of the most fun and visually incredible apps i have ever checked out as you draw on the screen you see this
super vibrant liquid simulation and i promise you can spend hours playing with this and the crazy thing is this is not even the best part yet if you click on that little dot there are a bunch of different settings you can toggle and adjust to change the way the liquid moves in the simulator so whether you want to slow the liquid down change the color or even make it look like smoke you can play with all these different settings but here is the best part if you scroll to the bottom and select set wallpaper then go back to your home screen verbam this entire liquid simulator is a live wallpaper so as you navigate through your phone you get the most incredible visuals and everyone i have shown this to has honestly been mind blown so check this one out guys you’ll love it
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Top 10 Android Apps-#2 Battery Sound

 Now this app is hilarious and likewise a bunch of fun so if you head on over to the play store search for battery sound  and once again it should be the first option once you’ve searched for it go ahead click install then open up the application on your home screen and now it’s time to choose your battery charging sound so you just click that plus icon and then decide when you want your phone to make a sound now you can choose a sound from your ringtone library text to speech or add your own custom audio file so i actually recorded one using my voice recorder on my phone then selected that gave it a name and click the save button in the top
right hand corner when recording your own voice file you can have so much fun with this and it’s also incredibly easy so now every time i plug my phone in wow thank you i was feeling so drained and here are some others give me some power sugar i don’t know about you guys but i find this absolutely awesome and for my iphone users you don’t even need to download this application you can do it all basically on shortcuts so what’s so cool about smartphones these days is there is so much sophisticated tech and hardware in these bad boys that you can actually turn them into a trackpad
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Top 10 Android Apps-#3 Remote Mouse

 The application you’re gonna need for this is remote mouse once you’ve install it on your phone it’s time to pop it on your computer and it’s super simple you just visit the remote mouse website download the file for your mac or pc and then head on over back to your phone and open the application your phone will instantly recognize your computer you can just select it and now your phone is a trackpad you can control the cursor just like you would with any trackpad or mouse you can select or click by double tapping right click left click and even use two fingers for
pinch to zoom as you can see it has so many more features than a standard mouse and if you want to scroll you just use this bar on the right hand side there’s even a little button in the bottom right hand corner where if you press and hold it it activates the gyroscope on your phone and turns it into a pointer so whether you forgot your mouse at home or maybe want something with a bunch of extra features this app is a really great option it has so many good features and on top of all of that it’s free you can’t get much better than that
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#4 Night Eyes

Now here we have an app that genuinely shocked me when i first tried it out so in the app store you’re going to search for an app called night eyes this is only available in the app store but there are a ton of other very similar options like these all available in the play store for android users so this application works like night vision goggles
and specifically this application knight eyes has amazing low light abilities so once the application is open
as you can see there’s my hand but when you go ahead and turn the lights off you can still see everything in the dark
i mean how insane i turned off every single light in my studio it was pretty much pitch black and i was still able to see
exactly what was going on this as you can imagine can be so useful in a number of different situations
i even saw some people use this as a nighttime baby monitor regardless of whatever you use this application for it
works so damn well
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#5 Colorize

With this specific application called colorize you can take a black and white picture just like the one i showed you
and completely colorize it it’s so simple all you do is hold the picture in front of the camera click and hold down for three seconds and in a snap this application colorizes the photo and you can see the stark difference between the before and after it’s crazy to see a black and white picture completely transformed like this and there is also the option to save this picture to your gallery if you want which is great just bear in mind you do have a limited amount of pictures you can colorize before you need the pro version okay now if you really want to bring your photos back to life
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#6 My heritage

you have got to try this the app in question is  my heritage and of course can be found on both the play store and app store once you’ve downloaded it open it up and head on over to the photo section then click on the plus icon and head on over to your photo gallery now go ahead and select all the pictures you want to bring back to life once you’ve done that select the upload button and all of these will upload to your my heritage gallery
then here is where the magic happens once you select your first picture click on little animation icon and get ready prepare yourself because this can be quite a tearjerker once the image is finished processing click the play button
and look at how the person in your picture has literally come back to life i have no idea what sorcery this is but it is incredible to think from that black and white picture i can basically have a video of my family member this is such a great application to try out with your grandparents parents family members guaranteed they’ll absolutely love it and the fact that this app is so good seriously blows my mind like wow
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#7 Clip drop

Now let’s talk about this incredible app  clip drop and once it’s install on your phone select it and it should
open up your camera for this view then much like the remote mouse application you do have to install the app on your computer but again it’s super simple and easy you just download and install the file on your computer then go ahead and open the application so it’s ready to use then what you do is grab your phone and snap
a picture of an object you want cropped and what i mean by that is as soon as you’ve taken the picture in a couple of
seconds this application perfectly removes the background from your object on top of that what you can then do is
head on over back to your computer click and hold down on the picture while facing your phone towards the pc
and watch as it pastes just like that from there what you can then do is drag and drop the picture into photoshop
and basically do whatever it is you want with this picture this application is amazing to use for designers or even to
create your social media posts keep in mind you also get a number of free tries before you need the pro version
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#8 Android TV

Now this next app is great for anyone who has an android tv because you actually don’t really need the remote anymore if you have a smartphone like this one i’m pretty sure this has happen to some of you before when you go ahead grab your remote and it just doesn’t work there is honestly nothing more frustrating but with this application  android tv you will never have that issue again so once it’s install open it up almost instantly it’ll want to connect to your tv and straight away you can start navigating with absolutely no issue if your partner or family
member also have a phone they too can download the same app and at the same time you can control the tv another useful feature of course having  a remote on your phone is accessing the keyboard so if you ever need to search something you can just click on this keyboard icon and do it all on your phone without the hassle of trying to do it
via the remote which as we all know can be quite frustrating
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Top 10 Android Apps-#9 photo math

Now if you’re anything like me when it comes to maths or maybe even a student this photo math app is going to help you out a lot and here’s what you’re going to do once it’s install open it up and simply point that little open window to your math sum once it’s in line with that window go ahead click the shutter button and oh my goodness check this out it gives you the answer not only that if you click on show solving steps it breaks down every single step it takes to get to that exact answer so yes while this app just gives you the answer it also shows you how to break it down and figure it out for now this app only works out fairly simple math sums but they do say they’re working on solving much harder math equations
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Top 10 Android Apps-#10 Wanna Kicks

Now how about shopping online for some cool kicks and even trying them on before you buy i honestly wish this worked for everything but for now the app i’m talking about is wanna kicks once installed go ahead open it up and right at the bottom you’ll see the slider with a whole bunch of snazzy sneakers to choose from once you’ve decided on
the page you want to try on then go ahead and follow this animation by simply taking your phone and pointing it down towards your feet