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Instander APK: Instagram is one of the world’s driving informal organizations and furthermore, one of my greatest wellsprings of amusement on the web. Here, I get direct posts from my number one big names and powerhouses that give me engaging substance of which I so merit. I likewise get to impart my life’s minutes to companions and supporters as I additionally get to encounter theirs through their accounts.


Notwithstanding, in the same way as other social stages, it misses the mark on barely any minor client encounters highlights, and that is the reason engineers will generally think of their own good variants of these applications and the Instander APK is by all accounts the best application elective for Instagram.

What Is Instander APK?

Do you realize you can’t download a media record, for example, recordings or pictures posted on Instagram without a downloader? Or on the other hand the way in which you can’t be secretive on individuals’ accounts and posts by ghosting your presence? Or on the other hand even the way that you can’t get a check identification without undertaking a long and tedious cycle along with an excursion through your life on the Network? Indeed, these and a lot more are a portion of the couple of issues that will generally influence the clients of the first Instagram application.

Instander APK is an Instamod created for Android gadgets to assist Instagram clients with gaining admittance to extra supportive highlights that can assist with tackling the above issues. This application permits you to gain admittance to your Instagram account through its foundation as an option in contrast to the fundamental IG application. Consequently, you get to have a definitive social encounter through its astounding elements opened from the authority application.

The designer thedise (Dmitry Gavrilov) planned this as protected as could really be expected and an application that ensures clients a magnificent perusing experience with no gamble of getting prohibited for utilizing mods since it comes pre-introduced with powerful and proficient enemy of boycott properties.

Features Of Instander APK

Download pictures and videos


I’m a big fan of hilarious vines, and Instagram is one of my biggest suppliers for these videos online. Here, all my cravings for memes and vines are usually satisfied, but the feeling is always short-lived whenever I try downloading these funny images and videos onto my device. Using third-party downloaders tend to have their perks but end up disappointing once they start popping up ads every second and grow in size on your device.

Using the Instander APK not online allows you to download images and videos and save them onto your device, but it also allows you to delete the original application and save on space using it as the main platform for accessing your IG account. Browse through the network and whenever you come across anything you like; you can always download it to your smartphone just by tapping the download icon on under the desired file.

Close Friends List


Sometimes I prefer sharing my posts or stories with everyone but the chosen few, probably because the content may contain an inside joke that only they could decode and find funny. That’s my reason, and some of you probably have many others. However, with the Instander APK, you can create your own list of close friends from out of your follower’s list, and choose to share your story with them alone.

You can make adjustments by adding or removing people from this friends list whenever you like, and they won’t even get notified either way. The photos and videos that are shared to your friends in this list also tend to have a special label that distinguishes them from other normal shared files. Finally, people you share with can see that you’re sharing with close friends but won’t be able to get access to the list because only you can view it whenever you like.

Instander Hide Stories from List


For privacy and to prevent unwanted snoopers, at times, I tend to hide my stories from certain people I don’t think can handle my posted content appropriately. The Instander app allows you to hide all photos and videos that you would like to post on your stories from specific people of your choosing, and this includes live videos. Now you can post any content you want, provided it’s in line with the app’s terms and conditions, you can enjoy creating your posts and let the chosen few enjoy watching them.

Allow Message Replies


We’ve all got those negative individuals who are always ‘hating’ and can’t wait to reply to your every post just so that they can give you a piece of their unwanted opinion in their replies. Well, at least I know that I have this issue and probably a few others too. With the normal Instagram platform, there is no way to ignore such a person’s negative vibes since they always pop up at the top of the screen. Using the Instander application instead, however, you can choose to allow, message replies to either everyone, people you know or disable replies entirely.

Save Story to Archive


If you don’t have enough space on your device to download and save a few more pictures and videos, you can turn this feature on, and it will automatically save photos and videos in your archive, so you don’t have to see them on your phone. Also, you get to create some privacy because since it’s only you who can access your account with a password, intruders won’t be able to get access to these photos on your device.

Save live to archive – Your live videos can be saved to your archives for 30 days of which, only you can see them.



I don’t mind my followers adding my feed posts and IGTV videos to their stories. However, this doesn’t apply to all my posts and that’s why I adore this amazing feature by Instander APK. When you turn this off, other people would not be able to add your feed posts to their stories. This also applies to sharing photos and videos from your story as messages because you can toggle this feature on and off as you please.

Finally, you can choose to automatically share photos and videos from your story to your Facebook story and share them with your friends on that platform.

Instander has No Advertisements


Sometimes whenever you browse through your Instagram feed, you tend to find some sponsored ads that you probably cannot turn off from the feed. These can be video or image ads that when played and watched, also drain your data just like normal videos do. When you install the Instander app on your Android device, you get an ad-free platform that allows you to view the important stuff on your feed alone. Ads can be disabled under the privacy setting.

Wide Search Content


The entertainment doesn’t stop there because with IGTV you get to discover popular and trending videos on the network. Follow your favorite celebrity on the app and watch their exciting videos here. Apart from the IGTV videos, under the search section, you get access to a wide variety of content such as DIY videos, Travel content, Food images and videos, Art, Styles, TV & Movies among others. There is something for everyone to discover and learn a few things they never imagined possible.

Analytics and Crash Reports


Under the privacy setting once more, user can opt to disable analytics preventing data information collected from your in-app activity from being analyzed. You can even opt to turn this on if you’re looking to create a more customed user-based experience by allowing the app to analyze your activity. Finally, you can opt to send crash reports every time the app crashes so that the developers can work on improving the services or removing a specific bug that could be responsible for the many crash reports.

Ghost Mode


If you’re looking to be a bit mysterious towards your followers or the people, you’re following, there are a few settings you can change under the ”Ghost Mode’ feature. Here you can disable typing status to prevent the people you might be texting using the app from knowing that you’re typing anything. This is certainly helpful when sending risky texts if you know what I mean.

best experience online, and mods like the Instander APK can make your IG experience a one-of-a-kind lifestyle. Download the app today and share amazing content using some of the most desires social media functional features available online.