PUBG Mobile KR MOD APK v2.0.0 (Unlimited UC, Aimbot, MOD Menu)

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▶KR 4th Anniv. Big Event◀
Get up to 106 4th Anniversary 4U Boxes through 4th Anniversary Events!
Obtain permanent skins, chicken medal, and crate Items through the 4U Box.


▶Official Livik Update◀
The official version of Livik map is released on PUBGM Battelgrounds!
The official version contains overall map upgrade, new UTV, Livik exclusive XT upgrade guns, soccer field, special supplies, teammate revival system and other various features.

Watch the grand battle between EVA Unit-01 and the Angel from Erangel theme mode.
You can try different tactics using the Evangelion box and defensive Fortress in Erangel and Livik theme mode.

▶NEW Royale Pass Season: RPM11◀
The new season, Hidden Hunters, now begins.
Check out the skins with oriental designs!

▶Classic Mode Update◀
Emergency Pickup is added to Erangel and Miramar.
Signal tower is added to Erangel and Livik.
There has been upward rebalancing of several guns.

▶Playground Soccer Field◀
Check out the minigame from the newly added soccer field in the playground!
You can also ride a new 4-seated helicopter.

▶PUBG Mobile◀
PUBG Mobile is a battle royale genre survival game where multiple users fight against one another based on their own tactic with diverse firearms and items to be the last one standing. PUBG is a multi-play game offering free-to-play one-on-one matches and team matches and holds esports every season bringing in diverse attractions.

▶Additional fee is required to purchase items for sale.
▶In this app, players can only use content provided in Korea.

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